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Antonio Bañuelos
Antonio holds a BS in Computer Engineering from the University of Texas in El Paso and an
MBA from Drake University.

Since his arrival to Des Moines in 1997, Antonio has been involved in the community by
volunteering and organizing activities among the Hispanic population in the Des Moines
Metro Area.

"It all started by doing interpretations to individuals and the groups just became larger.  I also
noticed the need for conscious translation services.  Many people think that being bilingual is
all it takes to be a good translator or interpreter.  The truth is that it takes training, practice
and a deep understanding of the community and the subjects to make a real difference in
the outreach effort to the Hispanic Community"
Mayra C. Moriel
Mayra holds a Bachelor in Nutritional Sciences from the Universidad Autónoma de
Chihuahua in Mexico.

When Mayra arrived to Des Moines in 1998, she faced the same challenges that many
Hispanics in the United States: "People just don't understand what I want.  It is more than a
language barrier, it is a cultural one.  Many businesses and organizations that try to extend on
their marketing strategies to the local communities do not understand that Hispanics do not
necessarily have the same needs and wants."

Mayra has extensive experience in outreach and volunteering in the Hispanic community.  
She has organized several activities to bring awareness to the community about their rights as
individuals and about ways to overcome language and cultural barriers in this country.

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