A translation is the art of converting written words into another language.  Many people
believe that the birth of a translator takes place once a person becomes fluent in a second
language.  Although any bilingual individual can perform translations, a professional
translator is somebody that can think in both the source and the target language.  The
translator should also be familiar with cultural expressions and common phrases for both
the source and the target language.  A translation is not the literal word-per word
conversion of one language into another.  The soul of a translation is the effective
communication of a message to an audience with a different language.  Translating, is not
converting, it is communicating.  

In order to make sure the message is effectively communicated,
MAYAN Business
uses the following processes:
Reverse Translations allow us to translate a document back into its original language to
verify that the ideas and the original messages preserved.

Peer review allows us to have professional translators read and make recommendations
about translated documents.  We keep close relations with a network of translators by
participating in conferences, seminars, and with active memberships in professional
associations such as the
American Translators Association (ATA) and the Iowa
Interpreters and Translators Association (IITA)  For more information about these
organizations, click on the names to open their respective web pages.

Edit, edit, edit.  In order to provide the best translation possible we have various methods
to make sure the grammar, spelling, and structure are professional and error free.

The real art of  
translating  is to
make the reader
feel as if the text
was originally
written in their
own language.

MAYAN Business
Solutions offers
you the experience
and confidence that
you need to  
communicate with
customers in their
own language and
culture needs.
We can offer
translation services in
most fields, given
enough notice to
prepare for it.  The
subjects in which we
have demonstrated
confidence and
experience include:

* Advertising
* Advocacy
* Business language
* Computer talk
* Counseling
* Financial
* Legal (general)
* Medical (general)