The main mistake that many companies made is in trying to convert their successful
marketing campaigns into a new market by means of translation and interpretation.  We in
MAYAN Business Solutions have witnessed how many of these campaigns fail into
reaching the actual needs of the Hispanic community.

Many have asked us why we are called
Business Solutions instead of Language
 The main reason is the experience that we have in providing full throttle
solutions to business into the Spanish language market.  We do not only convert
communications from one language into another, we make sure that the communication has
an effective impact into the intended audience by:

Focus Groups
We can help you get focus groups together and help you in the process of developing the
questionnaire as well as the strategy and research method..

Market Research
Using common marketing methods and processes we can perform studies of existing or
new products and services tailoring the analysis into the Hispanic Market.

Cultural Adjustment
We can culturally adjust existing campaigns by adding specific aspects of the Hispanic

The real art of  
marketing  is to
make consumers
feel as if products
or services were
custom made for

MAYAN Business
Solutions offers
you in depth
knowledge of the
Hispanic market in
order to make your
products and
services accessible
to the Hispanic
We want to work
with you in the
process of
reaching the
Hispanic market.

We can help you
discover what
this segment
expects from you
and how to
effectively offer
them your
products and