What to Expect from our Interpretation Services:
  • We are a communication mean between two or more people.  We are not
    one more participant in the conversation.
  • The interpreter will not change the sense or intention of the message or
    the question/answer.  We cannot "sugar coat" your phrases.
  • The interpreter speaks in first person during the interpretation.
  • The interpreter is not responsible for the content of the original message.
  • We abide to ethical principles and are bound to professionalism, privacy,  
    and confidentiality

What Not to Expect from our Interpretation Services:
  • The interpreter will not adjust phrases so that they make sense.  
  • The interpreter is not an advocate.  The interpreter cannot give advice or
    recommendations one of the parties with respect which questions to ask
    or how to answer a question.
  • The interpreter will not give any opinion about the dialogue that is taking
  • The interpreter will not refuse to interpret any of the parties due to the
    content of the message.
  • The interpreter will not change the tone of the original message.  The
    interpreter will not influence or change the original message.

Our interpretation
services build
bridges between
parties that once
had a gap in their

If you have any
questions about our
services or about
any of our other
services please
e-mail us at
We can offer
interpretation services
in most fields, given
enough notice to
prepare for it.  The
subjects in which we
have demonstrated
confidence and
experience include:

* Advertising
* Advocacy
* Business language
* Computer talk
* Counseling
* Financial
* Legal (general)
* Medical (general)