An interpretation is the art of converting a person's spoken words into the target language.
 In most situations, the interpreters do not have the flexibility of pausing for consultation or
proofreading.  Many people are great translators but not necessarily great interpreters.

The interpreter is required to do a lot of homework prior to the assignment in order to be
better prepared for it.  It takes many hours of reading and researching a topic in order to
become more familiar with vocabulary and subject specific terms.

There are two main types of interpretations:
Consecutive Interpretations are those in which the speaker takes pauses between
phrases in order to allow the interpreter to communicate the message in the target
language.  This is the most common type of interpretation.  The interpreter has some level
of flexibility to search some terms in a dictionary or to explain a term in broader detail.  The
quality of an interpretation depends in the ability to understand the vocabulary and the
technical terms used in the conversation.  
MAYAN Business Solutions offers
consecutive interpretations in a variety of subjects, which are describer on the right
column of this page.

Simultaneous Interpretations are done through especial audio equipment.  The
interpretation takes place in parallel to the original conversation.  Think of the summits or the
United Nations in which the delegates wear headphones during the hearings.  That is a
simultaneous interpretations.  
MAYAN Business Solutions performs this kind of
interpretation, although the audio equipment has to be provided by the customer.

The real art of  
interpreting  is to
make both parties
feel as if there was
nobody else in the

MAYAN Business
Solutions offers
you the integrity,
confidence, and
privacy that you
need to conduct
your business
communications or
dialogues with
customers as if we
were not there.
We can offer
interpretation services
in most fields, given
enough notice to
prepare for it.  The
subjects in which we
have demonstrated
confidence and
experience include:

* Advertising
* Advocacy
* Business language
* Computer talk
* Counseling
* Financial
* Legal (general)
* Medical (general)