MAYAN Business Solutions has been providing solutions to business and
individuals in Des Moines and in Central Iowa since 2002.

With strong ties to the Hispanic Community and a real commitment to help
businesses to make their products and services available to the entire
population MAYAN Business Solutions is your best choice in building bridges
into the Hispanic Market.
Translation and Interpretation services
Marketing strategy and research
Custom solutions for you efforts to reach the Hispanic Market
* The real art of  translating  is to make the reader feel as if the text was originally
written in their own language.
* The real art of  interpreting  is to make both parties feel as if there was nobody else in
the room.
* The real art of marketing  is to make consumers feel as if products or services were
custom made for them
 "MAYAN Business Solutions makes an art out of business services"

Our commitment to
our customers is to
provide them with
effective ways to
offer their products
and services to the
Hispanic market.

Our commitment to
the community is to
identify the needs
of the Hispanic
families and
connect them with
service providers in
their own language
and cultural
To provide solutions to
business and
individuals in order to
minimize language and
cultural barriers, while
committed to the  
improvement of the
Hispanic community.


MAYAN Business Solutions
"Building Bridges into the Hispanic Market"